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At Sahara, our Space Frame Structures are as versatile as our vision. We own a robust experience of designing and executing a plenty of prestigious projects of space frame structures. These include both simple and intricate projects ranging from bus shelters to stadiums.

Space Frames are generally pantographic 3-D skeletal frameworks that comprise of pin-connected members. They fall under the category of Pre-engineered Steel Structures (PEBs), which are interlinked grids of a single, double or multi layer. These grids assist in the 3-D load sharing within the framework.

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Such structures include cones and nodes, and are extremely flexible

    Their three-dimensional structures are highly rigid. They facilitate load sharing with maximum precision.

    They have large spans which allow complete freedom of constructional design.

    The steel elements are demountable and lightweight. Therefore, their assembly is easier, safer and less time consuming.

    They allow column-free erection and a geometric balance. This enhances the aesthetics of the construction and offers flexibility.

    They are spacious and capable of bearing very high loads.

    Very efficient, both structurally and functionally.

    Space Frame Structures also allow the random placement of columns, along with integral cladding and glazing. Therefore, modularity is possible when these products are used.

    These products have less cost of transportation.

    Easily expanded and are built following assembly line approaches with a very minimum amount of deflection and maximum amount of seismic resistance.

Configuration of space frame build systems

    The most common method of setting up Space Frame structures is to use the Pyramid Vertex Module connected at the top as well as the bottom layers.

    The general components are pipes, cones, spherical nodes, bolts, sleeves, etcetera.

    A variety of connection nodes available, which have been patented by different brands. Amiya makes use of two popular nodes – the solid spherical node from Mero System, Germany and the hollow spherical node, from Unibat.

    For the covers, usually products like polycarbonate sheets and FRP sheets are used for the sky light systems. The alternative products are aluminium sheets, colour-coated steel sheets, and asbestos sheets.

    A 2-way flat plate or concrete slab like products is used for Latticed Space Frame like roofs. These structures can be single or double layered. They include 3-D space grids, barrel vaults, domes, and hyperbolic-paraboloid shell structures.